Our Mission is to assist individuals with disabilities so that they can live and work independently in their community, provide professional training for graduate students and research opportunities for students and faculty to continually develop innovative rehabilitation practices.


The Evaluation and Developmental Center through a joint effort with the School of Psychological and Behavioral Sciences, will be at the forefront of innovative rehabilitation services that will lead to individuals with disabilities having confidence that through a shared process with rehabilitation professionals, they will be provided the most effective rehabilitation instruction and information empowering them to make independent decisions leading to satisfying vocational and overall lifestyles.


Our values are linked to ensuring that the rights and dignity of the clients served are protected, therefore the Evaluation and Developmental Center abides by the code of ethics consistent with those of the Commission on the Certification of Rehabilitation Counselors. We recognize and endorse the following values:

    • We believe quality is the essence of distinction. We achieve excellence by our commitment to innovative and individualized services, client satisfaction, and long-term relationships.
    • We believe that results can be achieved by flexible, creative, and interrelated solutions. Developing solutions is the fundamental approach we use for every relationship.
    • We believe in lasting associations with all parties. This includes building genuine relationships with clients and employees. Synergy in our relationships allows us to accomplish more than we can individually.
    • We believe growth is critical in every aspect of business in order to continuously improve. Growth means that clients, employees and the organization are constantly becoming more productive. We believe meaningful growth is found through fundamental honesty that allows all parties to determine the true situation and what is needed for improvement.


The Evaluation and Developmental Center is committed to both the concept and implementation of accessibility across all service programs.  Southern Illinois University Carbondale has historically been one of the first major universities in the United States to provide access to campus through physical accommodations that first included sidewalks and wheelchair curbs.  We have come a long way since that time and continue to provide accessibility across campus and associated programs.  As a public university, SIUC is responsible for meeting the accessibility standards as set forth in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).


The EDC strives to maintain a healthy and safe environment for both staff and persons served.  To these ends, the organization has written procedures to promote the health and safety of persons served and of working personnel including regular staff, graduate assistants, practicum students, and student workers.


The Evaluation and Developmental Center provides accessible transportation for services to individuals with disabilities over an approximately fifty-mile range, serving multiple towns, cities, and rural areas.


The Evaluation and Developmental Center (EDC) obtains input on an ongoing basis from persons served, personnel, and other stakeholders using a variety of mechanisms.  The input gathered is analyzed and provided to leadership for program planning, performance improvement, strategic planning, organizational advocacy, financial planning, and resource planning.


The Evaluation and Developmental Center’s Strategic Plan is based on our mission and values. The current plan includes improving service through increasing research opportunities, improving outcome measurement, continued development and service programs.